R.W. Bro. Jeffrey A. Christie, District Deputy Grand Master of Ottawa District 1, has designated REaCT as his District Charity (Ottawa District 1 2020-2021 Project Number: 2676).

Clinical Trials improve patient care and lead to better outcomes for not only trial participants but also for fellow-patients. Clinical trials compare different medications, treatment schedules, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and other kinds of treatment.

REaCT (for Rethinking Clinical Trials) is a patient focussed route to optimal, safe and cost-effective cancer related clinical trials at the Ottawa Hospital. It concentrates on prostate, breast cancer all types of cancer treatment and has three novel components:

  • Verbal consent integrated into care versus written consent: leading to more appropriate and efficient enrolment
  • Attention to patient issues and questions: leading to patient-centred trials
  • Non-intrusive data collection: leading to efficient collection of patient-important outcomes

Normally patients are advised by physicians or research nurses about trials. They routinely are presented with long written explanations to review before agreeing to join the trial. In REaCT that advice is delivered verbally in the clinic by the treating team. Patients can be promptly accepted and randomized using hand-held devices or web-based applications.

Traditional trials can interfere with patient lifestyles. This can mean frequent hospital visiting which can interfere with travel planning or normal family life. REaCT works to maintain (routine) patient lifestyles.

Traditional trials can require frequent invasive data collection which can also mean many hospital visits. REaCT relies on simplified data collection during less frequent hospital visits.

Traditional clinical trials enroll about 3% to 5% of potential patients. REaCT has enrolled approximately 85% (>2,000) of potential patients over the last 2 years. REaCT strives to advance research and improve care and quality of life.

Any Lodge or individual mason who wishes to make a financial contribution in support of this project, should make cheques payable to "Masonic Foundation of Ontario – Project 2676".

Valentine's Charity Ball

For over a dozen years, the Masons of the two Ottawa Districts have gathered on or around Valentine's Day for an evening of merriment, and in support of one of our greatest principles - charity.

On February 9, 2019, the 15th Annual Valentine's Charity Ball (VCB 15) brought together Masons, spouses, friends and members of the public at the Centurion Conference and Event Centre in support of three important causes: Roger Neilson House, the Bruyère Foundation, and the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health "Do It For Daron" Initiative.

The evening was filled with great company, great food, great music (provided by the Fabulous Heartbeats), and of course, great generosity. With a very extensive and diverse silent auction, money raised was split between the three charities, donated through the Masonic Foundation of Ontario.

Pictured to the right is the VCB Committee presenting a cheque to Roger Neilson House on July 27, 2016 (L to R: W.Bro. Jeff Christie, VCB Committee; R.W. Bro. Sam Kalinowsky, VCB Committee; Helen Yoxon, Manager of Palliative Care and Roger Neilson House; Lise Beauchemin, Co-ordinator of Volunteer Services, Residence and Community Outreach, Roger Neilson House; W. Bro. Adam Thompson, Chair, VCB Committee 2014-16; Bro. Abraham Garcia, VCB Committee; Jonathan Bodden, VP, Corporate Partnerships and Community Fundraising, Ottawa Senators Foundation).